Students Visit the Guild for Exceptional Children

We are proud to help our students fulfill the good works portion of their Catholic identity. Our partnership with the Guild for Exceptional Children allows our students to learn valuable lessons outside of the school building while bringing joy to those around them. Our 7th and 8th-grade students visited the guild to work with and read to pre-k children. They were happy to share their time and had a great experience.

Laurie Burkner is coming to visit.

Acclaimed author and performer Laurie Berkner is coming to visit St. Ephrem on Nov. 8th. Students will actively participate in the show and enjoy Laurie’s world-famous performance. Keep a look out for updates and pictures from the show. To order a copy of Laurie’s book please click the link and fill out the form below.

Laurie Berkner

Aquinas Circle continues its work

The St. Ephrem Aquinas Circle continues their work on New York Infrastructure in coordination with Bishop Kearney High School. On reflection of her work in the group Mia Franki stated “For my sanitation building, I am using the laser cutter and the 3-D printer. The reason I’m using two machines is because I can’t make a dome with the laser cutter because it can’t fold that way so I went with the 3-D printer.” The 6th -8th-grade students chosen for this program will present their completed project at the Aquinas Expo early next year.

Annabella Colavito working on,, a design tool which allows you turn ideas into a CAD model for a 3D printer

Annabella and Mrs. Bardo watching the laser printer produce her model.

Mia Franki and Christian Daloul watch production of Mia’s design.

Additional Photos

St Ephrem’s High School Fair

On September 24th St. Ephrem hosted our first annual high school fair. The fair featured 15 Catholic high schools from around the city. 7th and 8th-grade students from St. Ephrem and around the area were able to meet with representatives from the school. Students and parents became aware of new schools which they had not considered previously. St. Ephrem Catholic School is committed to finding the right high school for all of our students and we feel this was an important step in that process. We look forward to next years fair and wait with anticipation to see where our very bright 8th graders chose to continue their education next year.

St. Ephrem Partners with Bishop Kearney

St. Ephrem is proud to partner with Bishop Kearney for this year’s Aquinas Circle. Our Aquinas Circle students will visit Bishop Kearney every week to utilize their Fabrication Lab in their brand new STEM wing. Last Tuesday our student made their first visit to begin their work in studying New York City Infrastructure. Through Bishop Kearney, our students will envision a new and brighter tomorrow for all New Yorkers. We look forward to seeing the fruits of their labor later this year at the annual Aquinas Expo. Stay tuned for updates throughout the year.

St. Ephrem Alumnae continuing excellence in Bishop Kearney

“What initiative would you implement to address the issue of drug use among the city’s youth?” was the question St. Ephrem Alumnae Gabriella Guzman (Class of 2014) and Emma Schoppmeyer (Class of 2013) answered that awarded them an opportunity to take charge for a day in a NYC Police Department.

Emma Schoppmeyer won the position of Commanding Officer of Internal Affairs, and Gabriella Guzman was named Commanding Officer of the 66th Precinct.

We at St. Ephrem School continue to support and acknowledge the strides our former students make! To read more about Gabriella and Emma go to:

Night for Hope 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017 St. Ephrem school held its annual Night for Hope.  This fundraiser is put together every year to raise money for families who have endured hurdles of Cancer.  This year the night was aimed towards Breast Cancer.
St. Ephrem’s amazing families, parishioner’s and teachers gathered in the Monsignor Kaine Hall to  watch the best of the best talent from the St. Ephrem Schools very own  students from 3rd to 8th graders

As always, this night went off without a hitch due to the amazing work of Mr. Diffendale, Ms. Jennifer Rizzuto, and especially the student and parent volunteers who helped with donations, decoration, lighting, sound, and so much more!!!

Summer Program Registration-Tuesday May 16, 2017 3:00PM-6:00PM

It is that time of year in where summer is approaching fast.

St. Ephrem School is excited to open its doors for the 6th summer for campers!

A 6 week program filled with fun and activities!!!

On Tuesday May 16th from 3:00PM – 6:00PM there will be an open registration in the school cafeteria.

That day you can come to meet and ask questions to the Camp Coordinators – Mrs. G. Costagliola and Mrs. V. Cucuzza.

You can either download the forms:

   Summer Camp  Registration                                        Medical


or you can pick up the forms that day.

If you are interested in the Summer Enrichment Program (Math and Reading/ELA) forms will be available also.

For information, you can call the school office (718) 833-1440 leave your name and contact information and either Mrs. Cucuzza or Mrs. Costagliola will return your call.  Or you can email