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Letter from the Principal

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to St. Ephrem Catholic Academy. Our institution has been the bedrock of education in the Bay Ridge/Dyker Heights community for 100 years. Since then, our mission has been to educate students who will leave these halls and walk with pride into the future, knowing they can do whatever they set out to do in life. We proudly dedicate ourselves to providing the best education rooted in the Catholic tradition. Our faculty and staff are made up of dedicated individuals who go above and beyond for their students and their families. As a member of the St Ephrem Catholic Academy community, you will be invited to participate in all that comes with the traditions and excellence we strive to offer. Your decision to choose St. Ephrem Catholic Academy for your child is one that we know you will come to regard as foundational to the development of the person your child will become. Therefore, let us take the next steps together by allowing us to guide your child into the future. At St. Ephrem Catholic Academy, they will grow into educated, self-confident individuals and become people who will utilize their God-given talents for all. Principal Andy Estevez

Our Mission

We, the school family of St. Ephrem Catholic Academy, strive to be a welcoming and responsive Roman Catholic community by passing on our faith and traditions as we teach the students from Pre-K 3 to 8th grade by word and example. In order to prepare our students to achieve success in their future educational endeavors, most notably academically challenging high schools, our faculty endeavors to empower our students to achieve excellence through instructional rigor.

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